Commercial UAS (Drone) Services

Interested in flying your site during initial due diligence or during the construction process? NFE is certified to use small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), a.k.a. drones, for commercial purposes by the FAA. In the last two years, we have been helping our clients capture precision aerial photography and videography with drones, providing a 360-degree view of sites.

NFE has found this technology greatly assists the office and field crews on surveying, engineering and construction projects. The gathered images are processed with current software to create the files needed to produce requested deliverables, including topographic surveys, ALTA surveys, as-built surveys and the ability to photographically monitor construction site activities.

The advantages of an aerial overview done during the different stages of a municipal public improvement or private land development project are:

  • Surveying – Increases the mapping accuracy and efficiency
  • Design – Images used for accurate engineering site design
  • Construction – Improves the efficiency of monitoring and controlling the construction progress
  • Post Construction – Aids in asset management
  • Safety – Areas that are unsafe for workers can be more safely surveyed

If you would like more information on our drone services, please contact Robert Fraus at 248-332-7931 or

To see a video of Bradley Square, a 30-unit townhouse development in Troy, during construction, go here.

Aerial Photos of Fourner/Mark Street Reconstruction in Madison Heights, Michigan