Memorial Monument for Fallen Officers

Since 2005, the Michigan Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Monument Fund Commission has been soliciting funds to build a monument to celebrate and honor the lives of fallen Michigan law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty. Since fundraising began, more than 42 officers have died while on the job.

The monument has been designed and is ready for construction as soon as funding is available. The design is intended to honor the fallen officers’ courage, dedication and unwavering commitment to preserving the public’s safety. The monument will be located within the grounds of the State of Michigan’s Capital Complex in Lansing.

NFE partnered with David Milling Architects located in Ann Arbor who won a statewide competition for the memorial design. NFE was responsible for all site design associated with the memorial, including hardscape, utility, subsurface drainage, electrical and landscape. Assisting NFE was Land Design Studio located in Southfield with landscape design, and Berbiglia Associates located in Farmington Hills with electrical and sight lighting design.

The monument will be made of 10 stainless steel sentinels, each four feet wide by eight feet tall and ten inches wide, with the names of fallen officers engraved. The sentinels will stand vigil over the memories of those lost with the panels lit from below, making the engraved names glow at night.

A critical design component of this project was designing a monument that honored the fallen officers and families who have been impacted by tragic circumstances while respecting ease of maintenance, long-term sustainability and ADA compliance, as well as aesthetically honoring the surrounding monuments and building structures.

To date, $1.2 million has been raised with the commission trying to raise the last $350,000 this year. Please visit to donate and help make this monument a reality. From now until October 1, 2018, all donations will be doubled through a state matching grant.