2017 Birmingham Road Reconstruction

Road pavement and underground utility infrastructure are very important to the City of Birmingham. On a yearly basis the City allocates funds to improve their roads and utilities. Since 1999, NFE has served as an engineering consultant to the City’s Engineering Department, providing surveying and civil engineering services for numerous projects.


The City of Birmingham contracted with NFE for the reconstruction of three road segments as part of their 2017 Local Streets Paving Program. All three segments were bid together to save the City money.


The scope of work for each road segment included new concrete pavement, curb and gutters, water and sewer improvements, ADA compliant sidewalk ramps at intersections, driveway approaches, and new sidewalks where needed.


NFE provided right-of-way and topographic surveys, engineering site plans, and construction staking. Also, NFE provided as-built surveys of construction utilities for Oak Street and Poppleton Street, and a tree survey for Oak Street.


Oak Street Reconstruction

NFE was the lead consultant for the reconstruction of Oak Street from Glenhurst Drive to Chesterfield Avenue. This project was a continuation of the 2015 project NFE worked on – Oak Street Reconstruction from Chesterfield Avenue to Lake Park Drive. Some of this 900-foot segment of Oak Street is in front of Quarton Elementary School. As part of the project, the City wanted the road narrowed to allow for a two-lane student drop-off area for the school.


To avoid any conflicts with the school, construction was scheduled to be done over the summer break. Work started in June right after the school year ended, and was completed at the end of August just in time for the new school year. 


Poppleton Street Reconstruction

NFE was lead consultant for the reconstruction of Poppleton Street from Knox Avenue to Maple Road. This 425-foot roadway contains drive approaches to a Kroger shopping center parking lot, office building parking lot and single-family home. The roadway needed to be reconfigured to better accommodate the semi-truck traffic that enters into the shopping center parking lot.


The work was scheduled to be done quickly, yet also phased to ensure that traffic to and from the shopping center parking lot remained open at all times. This posed complex challenges at times during construction.


Lawndale Avenue Reconstruction

NFE was the lead consultant for the reconstruction of Lawndale from Oakland Avenue to Woodward Avenue. This one-way street (northbound only) was originally budgeted by Birmingham for spot concrete patching. After thorough review, the City concluded that Lawndale needed to be completely reconstructed and be reduced by four feet.


This 300-foot roadway is used for residential traffic headed to the immediate neighborhood and to enter or exit a hotel parking lot. Also, large trucks sit on the road adjacent to the hotel to unload packages. When this occurs, there only needs to be enough room for cars to drive past the truck to enter the neighborhood. With all this taken into consideration, the City decided to reduce the road from 24 feet to 20 feet to save money on construction.


Construction began in the last week of August 2017, right after the Woodward Dream Cruise event. All work was completed prior to the end of September.


NFE continues to work with the City on roadway projects. Our latest project is the reconstruction of Old Woodward from Brown Street to Oak Avenue. Engineering plans have been completed and approved, and the project is currently being bid with construction slated to begin in the spring of next year.


NFE is honored to have served Birmingham and their residents for 18 years by providing engineering solutions for road and infrastructure improvements, and look forward to more years to come.


For more information, please contact Brett Buchholz at 248-332-7931 or bbuchholz@nfe-engr.com.