August 2015 Newsletter

ADA Compliance

Many owners are finding their existing parking and sidewalks in disrepair and in need of improvements.  This is an opportune time to make sure your site is in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards.  NFE has seen a rise in lawsuits over failing to meet current ADA standards, where owners are being forced to make costly repairs in addition to paying expensive attorney fees.

Meeting ADA compliance is more than just making sure there are an adequate number of handicap parking spaces in the lot. ADA compliance requires the appropriate measure be implemented including:  Number and size of available spaces; clearly defined accessible route(s); appropriate required signage; proper running and cross slops for pavement; detectable warning devices; etc.  Standards and interpretations of the laws have changed significantly over the past 10 years, placing a greater responsibility on owners and design professionals.  



 NFE’s highly trained personnel regularly perform ADA compliance audits of existing sites as a part of our site rehabilitation design & construction services. Additionally, NFE staff has served in the capacity of expert witnesses on behalf of our clients involved wih ADA compliance issues.


As a Part of an ADA compliance audit, the owner can expect to receive: A photo documentary of existing ADA facilities with non-compliance issues identified; a site plan identifying accessible routes through the facility; and a report of findings and recommendations together with estimated cost for construction of the recommended improvements. 

Site Demolition Plan ADA Site Plan


 It is important for owners to understand that if alterations are made to a property (such as parking lot resurfacing and/or sidewalk repairs) that pursuant to law,  the site must be brought into ADA Compliance.

For more information on including ADA compliances in your next parking lot rehabilitation please contact Jeff Huhta at (248)332-7931 or via email at